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My wife and I have met a lot of people online.
We’ve had sex with a lot of people who we’ve met online.

We’re swingers. Welcome to our world.

Most people (not in the ‘loop’) are shocked by our lifestyle, so we learned a long time ago to keep our sexual adventures to ourselves. If you met us for the first time, you’d probably never guess the exciting sex we have with other swingers. We could be your best friends. We could be your next door neighbor.

Like most swingers, our first sexual experience with another person was — you guessed it — a threesome. What began as an erotic and kinky threesome, soon turned into a regular thing. Eventually the other woman had a boyfriend of her own, and after much talking and flirting with the idea, we all went out for drinks on New Years Eve and ended up in a full out four-way orgy of swing-time.

There are many myths about swingers, and many facts.

Myth # 1: Swingers were a thing of the sixties and seventies

FACT: There are more swingers TODAY in 2003, than at any other time in history. For many people, it’s become a way of life. Entire vacations are planned months in advance for popular swinger destinations, such as Hedonism II, in Jamaica. Online communities for swingers have sprung up, and a simple search reveals many provocative websites packed with ads placed by swingers. There are large commercial sites such as and, and then there are the popular independents, like (ran by my wife and I).

Myth # 2: Swinging isn’t safe – swingers have sexually transmitted diseases

FACT: The same rules apply for swingers as they do for singles. Never have unprotected sex with anyone you don’t know or are not sure you can trust. My wife and I have had sex with dozens of couples, have been in what would qualify as a full out orgy, and at all times have practiced safe sex. We are 100% disease free. Swinging with married couples may even be safer than having sex with single people. Why? Because when they are married, and you are both married, there generally isn’t a long history of promiscuous sex partners, as is common with single, sexually active men and women.

Myth # 3: You have to be in a relationship to become a swinger

FACT: This is probably the biggest myth ever about becoming a swinger. Many, many couples fantasize about threesomes with a SINGLE female or male. Most swinging couples pursue threesomes with another woman, but a large number also pursue threesomes with men. Cruise online swingers personals and you’ll quickly find both tastes, probably a lot more than you think.

And another thing… most swinging couples CAN’T get enough sex. They are highly sexual beings. They will always be highly sexual beings. If you become the third in a threesome with a swinging couple, and you can please the couple, rest assured they’ll seek you out for a lot more sex. Again. And again. And again. I’m telling you from personal experience.

Myth # 4: Swinging is a bad thing for a good relationship

FACT: Okay, this is a trick question. Swinging can be a bad thing for a good relationship. It depends on the trust level of both people. If either man or woman has a tendency to be jealous, then I recommend against swinging. Only if both people are highly confident with each other, and with the relationship, do I recommend taking that first step and having a swing-time experience.

Myth # 5: Swinging is a dirty perversion

FACT: It just depends on who’s point of view you ask. For my wife and I, and tens of thousands of happy highly sexual couples in the U.S., being a swinger is a beautiful thing. You belong to a prestigious club that most people will never belong to, because most people lack an adventurous spirit and a high sex drive and never experience their fantasies in real life.

If you have an interest in swinging, of involving you and your significant other in highly sexual encounters with other singles and couples, we’re out here waiting for you. Join the fun. Live your fantasies. Become a swinger.

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